UNICEF – Gujarat & Rajasthan


UNICEF – Gujarat & Rajasthan

UNICEF (Gujarat) is fully committed to working with the Government of India to ensure that each child born in this vast and complex country gets the best start in life, thrives and develops to his or her full potential.

The organisation began its work in India in 1949 with three staff members and established an office in Delhi three years later. Currently, it advocates for the rights of India’s children in 16 states. UNICEF’s goal is to advance the rights of children, adolescents and women to survival, growth, development, participation and protection by reducing inequities based on caste, ethnicity, gender, poverty, region or religion. With its unique system of 13 state offices, partnerships with sister UN agencies, NGOs, self-help groups and array of celebrity campaigners, UNICEF has been able to provide focused attention to the poorest and most disadvantaged communities, while working alongside at the national level.
UNICEF established its office in Gujarat in 1992, and since then has been collaborating with the Government of Gujarat to support the accelerated and sustained wellbeing of children in the state. Inclusion and participation of disadvantaged children continues to be a high priority.
UNICEF works closely with various departments at state, district and sub-district levels, as well as with civil society institutions such as networks of women, youth and children’s organizations, NGOs, professional bodies, academia and research organizations, among others.

UNICEF in Action (Rajasthan)
UNICEF is working with a range of government departments in Rajasthan to provide technical support for programmes aimed at improving child survival, growth and development. It is focusing on improving the health and nutrition status of newborns, children, adolescents and women and adequately addressing water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) issues, particularly by working to eliminate open defecation.

The state office has been fostering collaboration between UNICEF’s Education, Child Protection and Policy Planning and Evaluation sections to create a protective and learning environment for boys and girls so that they are able to have equitable access to, and utilize, quality education and protection services. – See more at: http://unicef.in/

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