Health Branch, District Panchayat, Valsad


Valsad is a district of Gujarat State having its largest city Vapi. Valsad district was discussed at national and international level as it was birth place of the Great person shree Morarji Desai (Bharat Ratna and Ex.Prime Minister of India). A part from this valsad district is famous for Valsadi Aafus mangos, world famous chemical factories at Atul, largest industrial estate at Vapi, famous Valsadi teak-wood. Valsad district is situated on south of Gujarat. There is the Arabian Sea in west.

Total geographical area of district is 3008 sq. km. and is divided into six Talukas i.e. Valsad, Vapi, Pardi, Umargam, Kaparada and Dharampur. Primary responsibility of Health Branch, Valsad district is to provide qualitative public health to needy persons in all the areas including interior villages of the district.

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