Dang District Panchayat – Health Branch

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Dang, also known as The Dangs, is a district in the state of Gujarat in India. The administrative headquarters of the district are located in Ahwa. The Dangs have an area of 1,764 km² and a population of 226,769 (as of 2011). The Dang district is located in the southern part of the Gujarat state. To the north and west of Dang lies Surat and Navsari districts of Gujarat whereas to its east and south are the districts of the Maharastra state.

Healthcare service has a top priority of Dang administration. Health branch To ensure that healthcare facilities and basic healthcare needs are continuously available to the people, district health branch does many activities i.e. Providing care to the pregnant mothers and the new – born infants, Working for diseases prevention, Providing health checkups to the school children etc.

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